Lair Of Dragons Bird Rescue,
Rehabilitation and Adoption.
Adoption & Placement

Any one wishing to relinquish a
parrot must contact us first by
phone or email, to make sure we
have the room and set-up for the
bird  before he/she arrives.  If you
are looking to adopt, please read
over the
policies carefully and fill
out a adoption application.

contact our bird rescue
anytime! We look forward to
hearing from you

Their is much cost involved in taking care of these birds on a daily basis and the
adoption fees help cover food which include dry and fresh foods we buy and
serve daily, vet bills that we may incur.  We also buy toys, new perches and even
cages when a parrot does not come in with one. Many of these larger birds can
go through several perches and toys a week. We keep adoption affordable to
families. We also reserve the right to lower or waive adoption fees at our
discretion if it helps place birds in the best homes. Adoption fees will be discussed
after we review and verify your application information. NOTE: Adoption fees
and Donations are NON-REFUNDABLE

Please keep in mind,
we do not buy, sell, trade or breed any of our rescued
birds.   We do not use birds in our care for commerce or profit.  There is times
when we will pay for a bird that we find to be in horrific living conditions, being
abused or simply not bing properly cared for just to get them out of their current
situation and we adopt out for no more than we paid to rescue him/her and
other general fees that we may have incurred and in many cases less than we
paid to provide proper care.  But please do not contact me asking to buy your
bird because you need the money or just need to sell him/her, as this is not what
we do here.  We are here to help those who truly need our help.

Requirements - You must be 21 yrs. old to adopt a bird

We only provide adoptions to experienced bird keepers or those whom have
done extensive research and reserve the right to refuse adoption to anyone at
our discretion.  We only do adoptions with a 2 hour driving distance of
Lancaster, PA, exceptions are sometimes made for a little further distance if we
find that the home is a perfect match for one of our parrots.

We do not place birds with people who breed or are considering breeding if this
is the wish of the families who relinquish to us.  If you have a bird you believe
would do best in a breeding program, we can put you in contact with a
reputable person.  If you feel your bird will do best in a Sanctuary, we will be
happy to help you find a trusted one.    The same rule applies for anyone who is
collecting to many parrots.  We choose our adoptive homes based on the time
and attention you can devote to one of our rescues and adding to many parrots
or animals to a family can have devastating affects.

You must provide us with your info on your exotic or avian vet prior to
adoption.  If you do not have one, we will assist you in finding one in your area
that specializes in exotic and/or avian medicine.

While we accept scheduled bird drop-offs from anywhere, we will make free
local pick-ups within a reasonable distance whenever possible.

PLEASE NOTE:  Do to the size and noise level of  some larger birds such as
macaws and cockatoos, you must live in a single family house and preferably
own your own home.  These birds do not do well in apartments, condos, etc.  
Reason being is if you move, many landlords will not allow a bird of this size and
neighbors many times complain of the noise.  We do this to protect the birds
from having to come back here.

Lair Of Dragons is a private not for profit organization with limited space and
resources. We will not allow our rescue to become overcrowded to the point
that animals become neglected, and must turn away birds in some cases.  
are a no-kill rescue center

If you have a bird needing a new home or can not care for it please contact us
before dropping one off at a pet store where they will not get a proper
evaluation before being sold and never let a bird go free outside, as they can not
survive.  Please keep in mind, once a bird is placed with us, he/she becomes the
sole property of Lair Of Dragons Bird Rescue.  Please contact me  through email
or via phone (717)431-8599  to make arrangements.  We are located in
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Important Info:  When a bird is ready for adoption, we will review all
applications on file and pick out a few that we feel the parrot will be most
comfortable with.  We will then contact you and inform you of the parrot
available for adoption and you have the option to come meet him/her.

Any parrot adopted out by Lair Of Dragons Bird Rescue can not be sold, used for
breeding purposes, entertainment /educational events or given away, this
includes passing the parrot along to family and friends without our knowledge.  
Our rescues will only go to qualified homes that are wanting a family pet.  If for
some circumstance you can not keep the bird, he/she
must be returned back to
Lair Of Dragons Bird Rescue.  Please keep in mind, we have the right to check up
on the bird in your home at anytime to make sure it is being properly cared for
and still in the possession of the adopter.  If the bird is not in your possession,
you will be fined.  A signed contract must be completed at time of pick-up of your
new companion and the adoption fee must be paid in full.  You must bring along
a appropriate size carrier to take your new parrot home in.  Many parrots
relinquished do not have their own cage, so be prepared to supply an
appropriate size cage, toys and perches for your new companion.

Please be advised that parrots are wild animals and can bite and cause serious
injury.   Lair Of Dragons Bird Rescue is not responsible for injury caused by any
parrot in our care during your visit here or after adoption.  Please use caution
when interacting with parrots here at the rescue.  Refrain children from
touching or poking their fingers in cages or at parrots who may be out of their

It is  very costly to care for the rescues in need,  we provide proper setup, lights,
emergency medical care when needed, toys galore which we go through on a
daily basis and  food which consist of fresh vegetables, fruits, parrot mix, nuts,
etc. daily.  Although we do not require a application processing fee, nor do we
charge to drop off a relinquished animal,  any donations are greatly
appreciated, as we run this rescue with our own out of pocket money.  

We are not here to judge, only to
help make the  process easier.  We
thrive to make the transition easy
and stress free.  Our home is
always open for you to come and
visit first so that you may get to
see how they play and interact
with us on a daily basis.  We do ask
a few favors of you when
relinquishing a parrot or reptile to

1.)  We do require you to fill out a
relinquishment questionnaire that
serves us to better know your pet
and his likes and dislikes, behavior,
habits, etc or email us us a
complete list if info on the parrot.

2.) We do ask that if possible you
also bring his/her cage or habitat
as this makes their transition
easier and less stressful.  
(remember that parrots especially,
get very attached to their own
cage and this makes them feel safe
when coming to us.)

3.) We also ask that you bring
along their favorite toys and food
so that we can gradually wean
them off of your brand onto ours,
if needed.

4.)  Please bring along any
documentation of medical records
and vet visits that they may have
had in the past.

5.) Please be honest about all
behavior and medical problems so
that we may better work with
them to overcome obstacles.
Although we do not charge a fee
for you to drop off a parrot or
reptile, all donations are greatly
appreciated and help in our fight
to save more lives every day.  
Donations can be in any form such
as new toys, cages, food, treats,
fruits and vegetables and of course
monetary donations to help with
cost of daily requirements that
these special pets need.  We have
several parrots that show up here
without cages or toys, so if you
have an extra laying around it
would be a great help to use for
those less fortunate and makes our
adoption process much easier
when we have a cage to provide
along with the adopted pet.

6.)  When a parrot is brought to us
it becomes the property of Lair Of
Dragons Bird Rescue and we are
now the legal owners and have the
right to choose a new family at our