Many people want a bird that is
perfect and beautiful.  With our
rescues that is not always the case.  
These birds in many cases have
come from homes where they were
not socialized, loved or taken care of
properly, but in our eyes  they are
all beautiful and we hope you have
the heart to feel the same way.  
Although we do our best to
overcome their behavior problems
and tend to their medical needs, we
also expect a potential adopter to do
the same.  Some of our birds may
never re grow their feathers or may
never be as social as a baby you
weaned yourself, but these birds
need the same love and attention as
any animal deserves.

Before considering adopting please
check out some links on our
info page to familiarize yourself
with care, expenses, hazards
and to be sure this is the right
decision for you and your family.

Please keep in mind,  We do not
adopt out on a first come, first serve
basis.  Our birds can be in a
evaluation and behavior program  
any where from 1 month - 1 year,
longer if needed.  Even after that,
they may take several weeks or
months until we find the perfect

This can be a lengthy and expensive  
process to rehab the parrots and
determine where they will do best.  
We want to make sure we  place
them in a home that will best suit
their needs.   Anyone wishing to help
may do so by donating to our Lair
Of Dragons Bird Rescue fund below.
NOTE:  Birds on this page are available for adoption or will be
available shortly after their evaluation is complete. Others will be
posted at the completion of their behavioral management program
and we feel they are ready  to be adopted out.
Lair Of Dragons Bird Rescue,
rehabilitation and adoption.
Available Birds

If you are interested in adopting a parrot, please fill out an application but please
be advised this is a lengthy process.  We have so many applications to go through
and we must find the home that is most suitable for the bird.  It takes time to pull
the file and review it.  Thank you for your patience
We have other birds at our rescue and they will be posted just
prior to the end of their evaluation period.
Lair Of Dragons Bird Rescue,
Rehabilitation and Adoption.