Lair Of Dragons Bird Rescue,
Rehabilitation and Adoption.
About Us

We here at "Lair Of Dragons Bird Rescue" know the joys of owning birds.  We
understand that some people come into unfortunate situations where they are no
longer able to keep or provide for them.  Therefore we have opened our home to all
unwanted, neglected and abused birds in need of a good home. We will take them
in under any circumstance, no questions asked. We provide them with a safe
environment, the necessary food, cages, medical care, lighting and the love they
need and deserve and then we find them loving homes to be placed in. We address
special needs birds and they go through a rehabilitation period before adopting out
to a qualified home.  We are trained to hand feed babies and problem eaters and
we do specialize in large birds who need proper specific foster homes provides a
forever home for those who need that extra special attention and care do to
aggression or terminal illness or for  those birds on the verge of becoming
endangered or are endangered do to societies ignorance.  We do this because of
our love and experience of over 20 years has given us such joy and all of these
beautiful companions deserve a second chance.  This is my passion in life and will
continue my work as long as I can and in time will pass down this wonderful
opportunity to my children so that they may continue to help all these beautiful
birds in need.

What makes us different from big rescues/sanctuaries

Every rescue is unique in their own way and they all deserve recognition and
praise for the hard work they do.   What makes us different is that all of our birds
are in foster homes with adults and children and become familiar and accustomed
to activities, noise, and other pets.   They are out of their cages all day interacting
with us and each other. Each bird gets individual playtime along with group
playtime if they so desire.  We take in a limited number of birds to insure we can
provide each and everyone with enough time.  We do not warehouse our birds and
they are not left in a store by themselves.    They are in our care 24 hours a day, 7
days a week so that we can monitor them  for behavior, sleeping and eating
patterns.  This way we can accurately pass this info on to a potential adopter.  We
also have a  few foster families that we trust entirely to help us care for the parrots
that come in.

About our adopters

Our rescues are adopted out to families who wish to own a parrot as a companion
and  family member.  All wishing to adopt will need to fill out a adoption
application, go through a screening process and will be charged a reasonable
adoption fee to ensure that the bird will be going to someone who can properly
care for him/her and the adoption fee helps us continue our work of helping others.
. Our potential adopters must sign a contract at time of adoption. Under no
circumstance is a rescue parrot to be used for profit, entertainment or re-selling
purposes.  These were once family companions and unforseen circumstances
landed them here.  This is the wish of our relinquishers. All  birds adopted out
through Lair Of Dragons Bird Rescue will be carefully monitored in their new
homes and for any reason we feel they are not getting the proper requirements
needed to stay happy and healthy, they must be returned back here.  We match all
birds to the family and home most suitable for his/her needs, this way we can
minimize the most stressful situations a bird may have to face.   If he/she does not
like children, he/she will be placed in a child free home, if he/she prefers men over
women, then placement will be with a male and vice versa.  We provide continual
support and education to anyone adopting a parrot from us and phone calls and
email's are welcome.

An adoption center does become very expensive ( cages, toys, lights, food,
vet bills, grooming, medication, etc.).  As we do not require a application or drop
off fee as most rescues do, all donations including any  bird related items or
monetary are greatly appreciated.   At this time our biggest need is bird food and
large parrot toys do to the amount of  parrots being relinquished.   It is the
responsibility of the pet owner to drop the bird off and preferably their cage also
be adopted out in or ship to our location. Only in the severest cases can
arrangements be made for pick-ups.  Serving PA, MD, NJ and surrounding areas.
We are a family operated and owned
rescue.  My passion for bird have
been with me my whole life.  I started
helping various birds many years
ago.   Since moving back to PA, we
realized their are many birds needing
a loving home and good people
wanting to provide the home for a
bird in need, so our work continues.  
My husband has worked around
birds when he was younger feeding
and weening at a pet store he worked
for.  As for myself, I have owned
birds since a young age.  For over 20
years I have cared for and raised
birds ranging from very small to
large and I learned hand feeding,
training, avian behavioral problems
and knowledge of illnesses
associated with avian health.  I
received my certificate as a Certified
Avian Specialist.   We also have 4
children,whom all help us in our
every day duties including working
with birds to be kid friendly.  

We recently purchased a larger
residents to better serve our rescues
coming in.  We would now like to
start the plans to build outdoor flight
cages for our permanent birds to
enjoy the warm weather during the
day, which we found to be far
greater than those that can be
adopted out.  Although all these
years we have ran our Rescue from
our own out of pocket money,  all
donations are greatly appreciated
and will be put into a separate funds
account to help us acquire our flight
cages.  To see some of the parrots
you will be helping,
click here.