Lair Of Dragons Bird Rescue,
Rehabilitation and Adoption.
Whether captured in the wild or born in captivity, parrots are not
domesticated animals like cats and dogs. They are still wild
animals. Their natural curiosity, sensitivity, intellect, playfulness,
and ability to form bonds with humans can tempt people to keep
intriguing are the same ones that make them extremely difficult to
live with as companion animals. Many parrots find themselves
displaced as their natural behaviors and needs clash with human
expectations. Before you buy or adopt a parrot, consider the
following facts:

* Parrots bite and chew — you and your home!
* Parrots are messy and active!
* Parrots scream, but many do not talk!
* Most parrots won't learn cute tricks!
* Parrots are social and need daily attention!
* Some parrots never bond with humans!
* Parrots need to be served a varied diet!
* Parrots are sensitive to household products!
* Parrot cages, toys, and vet visits are expensive!
* Large parrots can live up to 80 years — will you?

Educating yourself about parrots before bringing one into your
life is crucial to solving the displaced parrot problem! Only people
who thoroughly understand that parrots are wild animals and
who can commit to meeting their demanding needs should
consider providing a home for one. Only then will all parrots kept
in captivity be properly cared for and appreciated for the wild
animals they are, the pet market's demand for "impulse
purchased"baby parrots will decrease, and the displaced bird
epidemic will become a thing of the past.
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