Welcome to Lair Of Dragons Bird Rescue, rehabilitation and
adoption. (LOD).

We are a small family operated private parrot rescue.  Our main goal is the welfare
of parrots in need.  Our doors have been opened to all unwanted, neglected and
abused parrots for 12 years now.   Because of or work and love for animals, we
have managed to save many lives and we place these companions in loving, caring
homes.  Our goal is to fully rehabilitate these beautiful parrots so that they may
live a life of happiness and in harmony with their new families.  We are a proud
member of the AFA (The American Federation of Aviculture, Inc.) and strive to
continue our learning in avian awareness, husbantry and conservation.

What We Do
We specialize in helping families find homes for their parrot/parrots that they can
no longer care for. We do not judge, we are just here to help. We take in all birds
needing a new, forever home whether they have behavior problems or just need a
new home.  We understand the heartache that goes along with the relinquishment
someone to judge me.  We provide emergency vet care when needed, housing,
food, behavior management and plenty of love and affection.  We do not just take
in  bird then adopt them out soon after, in fact we work with them extensively to
try and correct any problem before being adopted out and also evaluate so we can
best decide on which family they would do best with.  Many of our parrots have
been here 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or even longer before being placed up for
adoption.   Our goal is to correct problems so that these parrots can remain in one
household for the rest of their lives.  We place these birds in qualified homes that
best meet their needs.  Serving PA, MD,NJ,DE,NY and surrounding areas.

Please view our website for more information or to fill out a adoption application.  
Please read our policies page before filling out a application to see if you meet the
basic requirements to
adopt a bird from our rescue.

We are currently in need of extra cages, toys, air purifiers, dehumidifiers and UV
lights and lamps.  Many other items are needed and greatly appreciated.

Visit us on
facebook to meet some adopters, friends, rescues and view  pics of
many of our parrots we have helped.  We also have so much valuable info and
great recipes under our notes page.        

Take a look at what we do for the birds in our care such as foods we serve,
activities and toys we build.  
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If you are considering relinquishing your
bird you must contact us first by phone or
email, to make sure we have the room
and set-up for the bird or before he/she
arrives.  If you are looking to adopt,
please read over the
policies carefully and
fill out a adoption application.

contact our bird rescue anytime!
We look forward to hearing from you.
Jolly Balls we make.  
100% 0f the proceeds
go towards the birds
in our care.
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